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Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) Appreciation Ceremony 2022

Date : Nov 17, 2022

On the 17th of November the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) Appreciation Ceremony 2022 was held to celebrate accomplishments, dedication, and an unwavering devotion towards building sustainable future and increasing environmental stewardship among young people in the UAE. The event was attended by Students and faculty members from Abu Dhabi University, ADNOC Technical Academy, Ajman University, American University of Sharjah, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, Higher Colleges of Technology, Khalifa University, Khwarizmi International College, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. During the event Mr. Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of the Environmental Science, Information and Outreach Sector at EAD, expressed his gratitude for the commitment of universities towards environmental work, and the heightened awareness of the pressing sustainability issues among the upcoming generation. All members were awarded in the event for their efforts in the past two academic year 2020-2021 and 2021 -2022 and to celebrate the best performances since 2015 special awards were given as below: • Commitment award: Abu Dhabi University, American University of Sharjah, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. • Best GCA performance: American University of Sharjah • Best SAP performance: Manipal Academy of Higher Education • Best New Campus: Ajman University • Best Coordinator: Dr. Bhakti More, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

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Youth Circle: Youth’s Contributions in Ecosystem Restoration

Date : Nov 07, 2022

On 7th November 2022, Sustainable Campus Initiative Team organised Environmental Talk titled “Youth’s Contributions in Ecosystem Restoration” with the participation of 30 people who presented challenges and solutions to increase youth’s contributions and participation in ecosystem restoration projects, a goal aligned with the National Agenda and set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The team hosted Rajeyah Eidha Omar Binkulaib - Senior Analyst, Terrestrial Biodiversity Regulations Terrestrial & Marine Biodiversity who presented the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s projects regarding ecosystem restoration like using drones to disseminate plant seeds and presenting different selection of cultured seeds. It was followed by the youth sharing few challenges and solutions to increase youth contributions in Ecosystem restoration projects. Lastly, the talk concluded with an announcement of an opportunity to be part of the Youth for Mangroves Initiative.

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Environmental Youth Talk: Sustainability and ready-made Clothing Factory

Date : Jun 22, 2022

On the 22nd of June 2022, Emma Barber - Managing Director, DGrade FZ LLC, shared her expertise in the fashion industry, participating in SCI’s Environmental Youth Talk. Since the fashion industry is known to be a one of the major environmental polluters, statistics show that 10% of carbon dioxide is emitted from fashion, and 85% of garments end up in landfills annually. Emma managed to highlight the brighter side of fashion and sustainability and demonstrated how can fashion industry transition into a sustainable approach. She mentioned the value of single use plastic in producing garments. Indicating that (PET 1) can be recycled unlimitedly. Emma shared the steps to produce fabric, from Single use plastic bottles presenting the reduction of water, energy and co2 emission, and avoiding oil products.

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Upcycled Eid Decoration Idea Workshop

Date : Apr 26, 2022

On 26th of April, as we all approached Eid Al Fitr, Green Youth Majlis Member Nithla Adlin Thangraj conducted Eid decoration workshop joined by 40 children. The idea behind the workshop is to promote reusing scrap magazine papers available at home to and create a simple and creative butterfly shaped decoration that can be hanged anywhere at home. At the workshop, children followed a step-by-step process of folding to create the shape of a butterfly then adding a ribbon in the middle and at the tip of the butterfly’s head. The workshop demonstrated a simple way of reusing paper and creating something useful.

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Environmental Youth Talk: Successful Biodiversity Conservation Stories

Date : Apr 21, 2022

We celebrated earth day with the given theme “Invite in our planet” with an environmental Youth Talk delivered by Mr. Nicolas heard – Fund Manager at Mohammed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, who gave a presentation, explaining details about the process of the Mohammed Bin Zayed Species conservation fund investments Internationally focusing on endangered and critically endangered species that are not well known. So far, the fund has been extended to more than 160 countries. Mr. Heard mentioned that preventing extinction of species is crucial because other than the services they provide and intrinsic value that up to date was not yet discovered. Amongst their values are precautionary principals, cultural values, and the moral value to protect mother nature. To conserve species, you need to know about it, its status, habitat, ecological status, biological status, threats...ect. You also need to engage with the community schools, local elders, land custodians and dedicate, passionate, and proactive people. He then shared successful unique species conservation stories, and the positive impact the grants were to the species.

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Environmental Youth Debate: Who is responsible of ecosystem restoration?

Date : Mar 24, 2022

On 24th March 2022 , Youth returned with another round of Environmental Youth Debate “Who is responsible of ecosystem restoration” , this time youth from the United Arab Emirates spoke on behalf of “Governments role” and South Korean team spoke for “Individuals role”, each presented their different point of views about the responsibility of conserving the environment, combating Climate Change, and deterioration of resources in an individual and governments level, 49 people participated. We witnessed a competitive debate delivered by both teams , equipped with facts and information to support their point of views. Among the points mentioned in the individual’s role is: Governments can implement polices to solve environmental problems, but who do you think puts them into practice? It is Individuals, even if governments and businesses perform activities, without individual’s role there would be no actions. They also argued about the importance of the role of Indigenous people, and that its difficult to disqualify them from the mission of restoring the ecosystem. The Governments team replied that: A single individual or communities can’t transition alone to clean energy, they cannot repair a sinkhole, they cannot bear the cost of or have the means to recover from the global rise of temperature. For example ,flooding of rivers are recovered by the governments and businesses. The government has the power to do projects and recover natural disasters. Governments exist to assist residents and companies in the country. A group of experts took part at the debate, including Dr. Fatme Al Anouti, Associate Professor college of Natural and Health Sciences in Zayed University, Ms. Maitha Al Mansoori, Assistant Scientist - Flora, Terrestrial & Marine Biodiversity at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, and Ghada Nabil - Youth Mobilization Manager – Emirates Nature WWF evaluated and stated their opinion about the debate . Among the key advise mentioned is research about economic and political views and the systems holistically, moreover, look into the socio-economic studies to find out what solutions work in a specific culture. The debate proved that ecosystem restoration is the responsibility of everyone, and that the role of individuals shouldn’t be underestimated compared to the government’s role and both work towards one mission. To confirm this, the results are relatively similar, since the Governments team won with 0.6% difference from the Individuals team. Congratulations to the Governments team represented by UAE Youth and thanks to the Individuals team represented by South Korean Youth for their outstanding work.

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Environmental Talk “Youth`s Role in Climate Action”

Date : Feb 15, 2022

As we celebrate the UAE National Environment Day, The Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) organised an Environmental Youth Talk under the title of “Youth`s Role in Climate Action” hosting Mouza Al Zaabi - Assistant Scientist, Air Quality & Climate Change, Environment Quality and Amani Bin Humaid - Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) Project Manager - Environmental Outreach where they spoke about the Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi’s role in climate neutrality and opportunities to involve youth in climate action.

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Environmental Youth Talk: Biomimicry

Date : Jan 31, 2022

Dana Al Dhaen – Green Youth Majlis Member shared with us her knowledge in employing biomimicry techniques in your day-to-day life to connect with nature and deeply understand the significance of biodiversity. The talk will entailed the definition of biomimicry, how to identify and apply it to solve human issues, highlighting the key sectors that apply the concept and examples of products derived from the concept. To register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUqcumvpzIiHtb2X9rf9XMb7ctEsiBScQfB

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Panel Discussion:Youth, climate and business: Tying it together!

Date : Jan 19, 2022

The Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) team take part at the World Future Energy Summit, highlighting the importance of integrating environmental sustainability in future plans and enrolling in environmental youth programmes.

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Environmental Youth Debate: Who is Responsible for Ecosystem Restoration

Date : Sep 29, 2021

On the 29th of September 2021, SCI Team hosted an Environmental Youth Debate “Who is Responsible for Ecosystem Restoration?” via zoom, moderated by the eloquent speaker Dana Al Hosani - Manager, Student Activities, Leadership and First Year Experience from New York University - Abu Dhabi. Three participants debated the importance of the communities’ role in looking after the environment. They discussed the large volumes of waste generated by communities as well as road trips made by members of the communities contributing to air pollution, as was made evident during Covid-19 lockdown. Also, the irresponsible use of fertilisers and pesticides impacting the quality of soil, air, biodiversity, land, and food. On the other hand, 3 youth argued against the communities’ role, highlighting the need to create a much larger impact through high authorities and the power of government, as well as public and private sectors making it easy to control the source of disturbance and well as the governments influence in terms of raising awareness. Finally, the way Expo 2020 has been structured and the way that it takes immense consideration of sustainability in the little details of the event with a whole stand dedicated to sustainability, was discussed; 47 People attended the talk. In the end we congratulate team Governments, Public and Private sectors who won the argument for their confidence, clarity, validity, and effectiveness of resources.

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Environmental Youth talk: Nature Through My Camera

Date : Sep 19, 2021

Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) hosted the first Arabian and Emirati Wildlife Photographer Suaad - Al Suwaidi who portrayed her profound passion on wildlife photography. At the talk, Suaad touched upon her experience of being highly tolerable and motivated to go outside her comfort zone and face obstacles just to pursue her passion. Suaad quoted “I created that world, a world that nobody knew about, my own world, me and my camera, my best friend.” With continuous progress and no expectations Suaad was acknowledged in several local and global areas, her photographs were published at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, UAE Women Encyclopedia, Nikon, National Geographics, and even reached several newspapers and magazines. Suaad reiterated on the importance of “Respecting the Environment” mentioning that we as humans often visit habitats, it is not the other way around, nature should be respected like the respect we have when we visit other people’s houses. 83 participants warmly listened to the talk, due to the interactive questions and answers part, and feedbacks given at the talk, Suaad defiantly inspired and touched some participants hearts.

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Environmental Youth Talk: Environmental footprint or carbon footprint, have you made your choice?

Date : Jul 14, 2021

SCI team invited Mona Al Alawi, President of the Bahrain Women’s Association for Human Development to deliver an Environmental Youth Talk on making mindful daily lifestyle choices to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Human activities such as heavy energy consumption have contributed to the release of greenhouse gases resulting in changes to the Earth’s atmosphere. The talk highlighted the importance for change to start with small personal actions to reduce consumption. Taking small steps to reduce your footprint can help offset carbon emissions which affect the atmosphere, weather and nature. One example shared during the talk was of the Amazon rainforest, which due to human activity, has become a natural carbon emitter and sink simultaneously. Over 35 participants had the chance to learn more about reducing carbon footprint in their daily lives and on the proactive small actions they can take.

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Live with SCI - Earth is our only planet

Date : Jun 22, 2021

In the 3rd Live with SCI session, Green Youth Majlis members and more than 75 participants virtually gathered for a live interactive session titled “Earth is our only planet”. The discussion began with a video that summarizes key information on global warming and wrapped up with an open discussion on individual waste reduction and offset of carbon emissions. Conversation was sparked over the use of public transport and the feasibility of using bicycles and scooters around the city. Participants were also able to measure carbon footprint through an activity. Yushi Modi, a participant in the talk, said, “We must be educated and implement our knowledge by planting native trees and conserving energy sources to influence our community.

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Environmental Youth Talk: What do we demand from nature?

Date : Jun 07, 2021

The world celebrated World Environment Day on June 5 under the theme “Ecosystem Restoration”. SCI hosted a talk titled “What do we demand from nature?” in collaboration with Bahrain Women’s Association for Human Development with 58 participants. The talk, delivered by Amani Fares bin Humaid, Sustainable Campus Initiative Project Manager from the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, focused on 5 main components of the Green Campus Audit including water, land and biodiversity, energy, climate change and waste. This was followed by sharing information on key environmental initiatives in the UAE, strategies set by the emirate of Abu Dhabi and Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi and SCI universities’ achievements by Aisha Farid Al Mazroui, Sustainable Campus Initiative Project Manager from Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi. Noor Al Saeed, President – Environmental Citizenship Program at Bahrain Women’s Association for Human Development shared a brief about Bahrain’s government efforts towards the environment and launch of environmental programmes, initiatives, and strategies along with key social media environmental influencers who promote and encourage responsible environmental citizenship. Participants were then able to share their environmental efforts and practices in the UAE and Bahrain.

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Green Youth Majlis: Bag of Gratitude School Session

Date : May 09, 2021

In the 9th of May 2021 Green Youth Majlis Members Nithila Adlin Thangaraj and Khawla Mohamed AlMarzooqi attended an interactive virtual session with over 280 students from Liwa International School across grades 2-5. Nithla reflected on the Ramadan Campaign, Bag of Gratitude, an activity held with students from Zayed Higher Organization to learn how to sew and demonstrate performing such initiatives for the sake of nature conservation. Khawla and her colleagues sparked a conversation about waste reduction and ways to avoid litter, Khawla actively interacted with students, sharing best litter management practices indicating the importance of keeping land and marine environment clean in Q&A session Students who answered the right answers will get books and handmade reusable shopping bags made during “Bag of gratitude “workshop.

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Youth Circle: Youth in Circular Economy

Date : Mar 31, 2021

On March 31, 2021, SCI held an environmental youth talk entitled “Promoting Circular Economy for Sustainable Development” with the presence of 76 people, to encourage youth involvement in greener practices, career paths, and businesses. The talk commenced with guest speaker, Mohamed Mosa, Senior Specialist in Waste Policy and Regulations at Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, who explained the efficiency of circular economy in terms of waste. Mohamed Mosa said, “it allows us to create more with less and deliver greater value with less input.” The discussion continued with Maitha Al Marashi, Vice President of Sustainability at Borouge, explaining Borouge’s efforts to drive circular economy by implementing best practices in sustainable operations and by collaborating with entities to create solutions. Mohammed Chaker, Associate Professor of Finance at Ajman University, reflected on economic case studies around plastic pollution and how eliminating single use plastic can benefit not only the environment but also worldwide economies. In the closing statement, Khansa Al Blouki, Outreach Director at Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, inspired youth to partake in circular economy and explore contributions that lead to better and more sustainable environments, while boosting markets.

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Green Youth Majlis: Bag of Gratitude Workshop

Date : Apr 21, 2021

In early April, Green Youth Majlis and Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination partnered for virtual workshops to create handmade gifts by upcycled material15 GYM members and People of Determination learned the basics of sewing in a four day Zoom workshop with Christine Wilson, CEO of Peahead in English and Abdullah Al Kamzari Rehabilitation instructor from ZHO, who conducted the Arabic workshop. The customized bags created were then gifted to students from Liwa School, to display the importance of reusing discarded materials. Abdullah Al Kamzari explained that the workshop was an easy to complete for all participants and they were proud to finish the task using the materials, like rivets, glue, decorative items. Nithila Adlin Thangaraj GYM Member, mentioned how fun and interactive the workshop was and for spreading enthusiastic and positive energy during Ramadan in a beautiful initiative!

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Live with SCI – Waste and Minimalism

Date : Mar 18, 2021

On March 18th, 63 participants attended an interactive live session to share their concerns relating to the accumulation of household items and waste with the Green Youth Majlis (GYM) team, Mariam Al Marzooqi, Amal Khalid, Fatima Yousef, and Megna Rajagopal. GYM members shared statistics highlighting the amounts of waste generated in households and how these items can cause harmful air emissions. A UN statistic shows that an average citizen in UAE generates approximately 17.2 kg of e-waste, resulting in approximately 900,000 tonnes in 2020 and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization announced that about 40 to 50% of fruits and vegetables end up in the bin. Green Youth Majlis Members shared possible solutions like economical purchases and decluttering personal belongings, by considering the quality, lifespan, and efficiency of items and donating to those in need. She also reminded participants to embrace the belongings they wish to keep and let go of things that may no longer be useful but a blessing for others.

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Youth lead Green Recovery in Sustainability Action Projects (SAP)

Date : Feb 14, 2021

SCI Team held their annual workshop for Sustainability Action Projects (SAP) from February 14 to February 18, which featured 60 participants, who engaged in interactive discussions regarding outreach projects. The workshop provides the necessary tools that inspire and enable students to instill change and address local community environmental issues, such as step by step guidance, post-workshop assignments, KAP Surveys, and student experiences. This year’s theme was “Youth as Advocates of Green Recovery”, focusing on local, regional, and global environmental issues, and motivating participants to design their own outreach activities to address them. After the workshop, participants are expected to identify sustainability issues around them and perform a community outreach project. Key topics presented this year is leveraging technology for community projects, and sustainability amid the pandemic."

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National Environment Day: Green Recovery - Climate change and COVID -19

Date : Feb 04, 2021

On National Environment Day, SCI Team and Humaid Kanji, Environmental Economist at Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, hosted an online session, with 97 participants, to discuss the impacts of climate change and the ongoing pandemic on local and international economies. During the session, Humaid shared a collection of findings that indicate a drastic slowdown in economies and reiterated that the deceleration of climate change during the pandemic is only temporary. With these findings in place, further efforts need to be done quickly to progress the Green recovery for our environment and economy. Additionally, guest speakers, Ahmed Al Rumaithi, Sustainability Specialist, and Harish Somayajula, Senior Engineer at Borouge explained the company’s efforts to reduce environmental impacts, while exceeding the levels in production. 2 years ago, Borouge released Ruwais Environmental Sustainability Programme to mitigate environmental impacts in Ruwais operation facilities. Last year, Borouge facility recorded the lowest energy consumption, reducing GHG emissions, flaring, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Ahmed said, “In 2020, we recorded the lowest energy consumption and had the highest production, therefore mitigating the overall environmental risk”.

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Green Youth Majlis lauches Live with an Expert Tours: Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

Date : Jan 21, 2021

Green Youth Majlis members and SCI team geared up to explore and learn all about Al Wathba Wetland Reserve in Abu Dhabi. On January 21st, Green Youth Majlis members Muneera Al Shaibah and Rahaf Al Saif toured the location with Mohammed Rashed Al Darei, Site Manager - Al Dhafra at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, to learn about the location and livestreamed the tour on Instagram stories. The expert explained the reserve’s history, biodiversity, and highlighted the conservation efforts done since its establishment. The ideas highlighted the connection between climate change and nature, and the role individuals and entities can play in initiating positive changes. Al Wathba Wetland Reserve is a wonderful place to visit, and its natural views provide a sense of serenity, presenting an opportunity to disconnect from modern life and truly connect with the natural world. To learn more about the species, and the different sites within the reserve, checkout the IGTV tour on the @Greenyouthmajilis Instagram channel!

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SCI Virtual Appreciation Ceremony

Date : Nov 29, 2020

"On November 29th, SCI team held its first virtual awards ceremony via YouTube livestream, to commend and celebrate university efforts throughout 2020.The live event received over 140 viewers immediately, as they announced the winners of the Best Green Campus Audit (GCA) and the Best Sustainability Action Project (SAP). The American University of Sharjah and Manipal Academy of Higher Education took the Best Green Campus Audit Award, for their astounding efforts during the pandemic. Manipal Academy of Higher Education and American University of Ras Al Khaimah won the Best Sustainability Action Project Award. The event continued with Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of the Environmental Science, Information and Outreach Sector at EAD, expressing his gratitude for the commitment of universities towards environmental work, and the heightened awareness of the pressing sustainability issues among the upcoming generation. Abdulrahman Al Ateeq, SVP Corporate Affairs at Borouge, also congratulated the universities and thanked the participating members, government entities and international coalitions, for their efforts in elevating sustainability among youth. "

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Environmental Youth Talk: Single-use Plastic: Policy, Commitment, and Sustainable Business

Date : Aug 12, 2020

"Wherever we look, plastic can be found all around us - in our mobiles, masks, appliances, food packaging and even our hand sanitizer bottles. However, our behavior towards single-use plastic presents a real threat to our environment, with an average of 11 billion single-use plastic bags used each year in the UAE. The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi organized a virtual Zoom session entitled Single-use Plastic: Policy, Commitment, and Sustainable Business, which covered impacts of our behavior towards plastic on the environment, how countries around the world are addressing this issue, and the rise of the circular economy. Monir Salem Bou Ghanem, Policy Advisor at Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, and Maitha Al Marashi, Sustainability VP at Borouge, hosted the virtual session to discuss perspectives on plastic consumption and its relation to zero waste economy. Monir explained that single-use plastic is highly prioritized in the local agenda and there is a plan to implement the ban policy for single-use plastic bags by 2022. Furthermore, Maitha Al Marashi approached the issue from a business perspective, empowering organizations to work responsibly toward a circular economy and investing in the rise of green jobs. Ashay Bahve, a student from Amity University in Dubai and Founder of Thaely, strives to shift the common perception of recycling, using art and industrial designs. "

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SCI Ceremony and Exhibition 2019

Date : Nov 24, 2019

The Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) annual award ceremony and exhibition was organised by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Borouge in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The event highlighted the most important projects on environmental sustainability implemented by students from various UAE universities and colleges during the academic year 2018 – 2019. The event, which was held at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr hotel - Abu Dhabi, started with the opening of an exhibition that displayed different projects and initiatives of the colleges and universities participating in the SCI. The universities included, UAE University, Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University, The American University in Sharjah and the American University in Ras Al Khaimah, New York University in Abu Dhabi, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Higher Colleges of Technology – Abu Dhabi, and Amity University in Dubai, in addition to the UAE and Korean teams who participated in Dejaeyon programme. A workshop under the theme “Environmental Education Future Shaping” was organised by experts from EAD and Borouge, with active participation and contribution from the students. In recognition of their efforts for the Best Green Campus Audit, American University of Sharjah and Manipal Academy of Higher Education, were awarded during the event, while New York University in Abu Dhabi and American University of Sharjah received the award for the Best Sustainability Action Project.

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Green Campus Audit (GCA) and Sustainability Action Project (SAP) Workshops

Date : Sep 29, 2019

In order for the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) campuses to properly conduct the Green Campus Audit (GCA) and Sustainability Action Projects (SAPs), we conducted the annual SAP & GCA training workshops in October 2019 to train the students on how to use the GCA guide (Basmat Al Shabab Al Beiya). The training helped them to learn how to assess the five key elements concerning their campus’ environment which includes climate, water, energy, land and waste as well as mitigation strategies to minimise their environmental impact. The students were also trained on how they could effectively conduct a SAP by reaching out to their local community through implementing sustainable and environmental projects outside their campuses. The workshops were attended by 102 students and faculty members from 14 colleges and universities

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Eco-exchange Programme

Date : Feb 14, 2019

An eco-exchange programme between a South Korean non-governmental organization called Daejayon and the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD), supported by Borouge. The programme aimed to create and strengthen the international network of students and young environmentalists. It involved the completion of seven environmental missions and two online conferences from March to November 2019 by UAE and South Korean teams and the chance for the winning Emirati team to visit Korea and vice versa. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Park Young Kyu, and was held on Wednesday March 13. The ten participating teams were informed of their obligations and the programme’s expectations. On Wednesday 11th of September, the closing ceremony of Daejayon Eco-Exchange Programme was held where the UAE winning team (Eco Fighters from Higher Colleges of Technology - Ras Al Khaimah) was announced. Eco Fighters travelled to South Korea for 4 days from 22nd – 26th of September for a chance to represent the UAE.

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Green Youth Majlis: Paint Happiness

Date : Jun 14, 2019

The Green Youth Majlis (GYM) members collaborated with Emirates Foundation to restore, renovate and furnish different social and cultural community clubs that belong to a range of different nationalities, as part of their “Paint Happiness” initiative. This initiative highlighted the values of tolerance and giving, as promoted by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the UAE. Buthaina Al Zowqari – Student, Khalifa University: “The late Sheikh Zayed instilled the charitable values in us. This year, we enjoyed participating with other volunteers from Emirates Foundation in a charitable initiative to restore, renovate, and furnish different social and culture community clubs that belong to resident nationalities. This initiative brought joy into the hearts of the volunteers and the workers in these clubs.” Muneera Al Shaibah – Graduate Student, from Khalifa University: “The Paint Happiness initiative is a wonderful and meaningful initiative to spread the spirit of cooperation and collaboration among different individuals in the society, whereas it meets the needs of some groups in our society. I`m truly proud of my participation in this campaign and having a hand in bringing joy to others.”"

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Environmental Youth Talk: Single-Use Plastic

Date : Apr 22, 2019

As part of Earth Day, the first Youth Envirotalk session, held in Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi, centered around single-use plastics. 43 students attended from several SCI colleges and universities and GYM members. Alongside them, employees from EAD, Borouge, Tadweer (The Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi), and Emirates Nature – WWF also attended the session. During this session, the students had an opportunity to voice their views on single-use plastic and discuss the potential dangers of using it. students shared innovative ideas on alternative solutions to the single-use plastic issues, which included simple actions to reduce its consumptions. This session highlighted the students passion and commitment in wanting to stop the use of single-use plastic whilst building and strengthening the discussion and collaboration between one another.

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Bluetech - Abu Dhabi`s Blue Wee

Date : Mar 19, 2019

As part of Abu Dhabi’s Blue Week, four of the Sustainable Campus Iniative (SCI) Universities: United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), New York Abu Dhabi University (NYUAD), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and Zayed University (ZU), participated in the Bluetech Exhibition. Students got the opportunity to present unique projects and research topics with a focus on UAE’s coastal and marine environment. Their extensive research utilized field-work, case studies, laboratory work and helped showcase the UAE’s maritime ecosystem and further raise awareness on the importance of monitoring, protecting and preserving this habitat, specifically in the face of climatic changes.

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Leaders of Tomorrow Programme

Date : Mar 15, 2019

Leaders of Tomorrow’ is an initiative launched and supported by the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) which aims at building the local human capital in the region. The initiative consists of a year round program, where GPCA members sponsor students to attend their yearly conferences. Each conference caters to the participating students by encompassing an element of the initiative in the form of a seminar, workshop, roundtable and/or a site visit. The main goals of these activities were to provide the students opportunities to learn more about industry trends and give them an overview of the skillsets required to face contemporary challenges. • Saudi Arabia: Seven students from Zayed University (ZU), Khalifa University and UAEU participated in the Leaders of Tomorrow programme in Al Dhahran – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The students also attended the Research and Innovation Summit in Manama – Bahrain, where they were awarded for being the best participating team in the industry workshop. • Dubai: Ten SCI students attended the Leaders of tomorrow programme as part of the 11th GPCA Supply Chain Conference. During the conference, the Higher Colleges of Technology – Abu Dhabi Women Campus (ADWC) was awarded second place for their project: Paper, Plastic, Can (PPC) Process Improvement Project for Business Sustainability

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Gree Youth Majlis: National Reading Month

Date : Mar 15, 2019

In the celebration of National month of reading – March members from Green Youth Majlis (GYM) visited children age (2-4 years) at chubby cheek nursery, new medical center, and my baby nursery. GYM members read out a book with title “wonders of the UAE- get to know us to save us” aiming to introduce the surrounding biodiversity, and promote reading to the young

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Green Youth Majlis: Seabed Clean-up Campaign

Date : Mar 09, 2019

In alignment with Blue Week and as part of the Green Youth Majlis (GYM) projects and activities. GYM members in collaboration with Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) and with support of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and Borouge, conducted a marine debris clean-up campaign in Mina Zayed on the 9th of March 2019. Around 100 people contributed to the campaign, including 24 Sustainable Campus Initiative members alongside members of the public. Participants helped the divers in cleaning the sea from marine debris and measured the quantity collected. The objective was to raise awareness on the impact of marine debris on marine habitats and to encourage fishermens to adopt sustainable fishing and stop littering in the environment. This clean-up is in accordance with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14) article 1, which aims to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution by 2025. The key message to understand how human behaviour has the greatest effect on the health of marine habitats and its surrounding environments.

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SCI Ceremony and Exhibition 2018

Date : Nov 18, 2018

In 2018, we celebrated the initiative’s fifth successful year to acknowledge the efforts of participating colleges and universities and to showcase their sustainable projects and efforts in an exhibition, which runs annually in conjunction with the award ceremony. The United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University, American University of Sharjah, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, New York University Abu Dhabi, Higher Colleges of Technology – Abu Dhabi Women Campus and Manipal University of Dubai with Green Youth Majlis all uniquely exhibited their sustainability projects by presenting posters and films at the exhibition. The Three Years of Achievement book for 2013-2017 was also unveiled during the ceremony and it showcased their achievements.

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Green Campus Audit (GCA) and Sustainability Action Project (SAP) Workshops

Date : Oct 18, 2018

In order for the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) campuses to properly conduct the Green Campus Audit (GCA) and Sustainability Action Projects (SAPs), we conducted the annual SAP & GCA training workshops in October 2018 to train the students on how to use the GCA guide (Basmat Al Shabab Al Beiya). The training helped them to learn how to assess the five key elements concerning their campus’ environment which includes climate, water, energy, land and waste as well as mitigation strategies to minimise their environmental impact. The students were also trained on how they could effectively conduct a SAP by reaching out to their local community through implementing sustainable and environmental projects outside their campuses. The workshops were attended by 144 students and faculty members from 9 colleges and universities over four days

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Green Youth Majlis This is Zayed's Pat

Date : Jun 18, 2018

In June 2018 the Green Youth Majlis Conducted their 4th Ramadan campaign titled "This is Zayed's Path" in collaboration with tea club resturant, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. they members prepared meals and distributed them during Iftar time on people who had to be on roads like workers, cap drivers, ADNOC stations employees and universities staff.

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The Sustainable Campus Initiative Ceremony and Exhibition

Date : Nov 01, 2017

Celebrating the success of the fourth year of the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) in partnership with Borouge hosted a ceremony to reward the exemplary audits and sustainable action projects of participating colleges. The event started with the inauguration an exhibition held alongside the ceremony also under the theme of “Sustainability in our Communities” where universities and colleges presented their sustainable projects. Exhibitors from eight colleges and universities including the UAE University, Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University, American University of Sharjah, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, New York University Abu Dhabi, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi and Manipal University of Dubai participated at the exhibition. In addition to a stand from the Green Youth Majlis. The ceremony was attended by H.E. Dr. Hassan Obaid Almheiri – Assistant Undersecretary for Accreditation & Educational Services, Ministry of Education -Higher Affairs, Ahmed Omar Abdulla, CEO of Borouge ADP, Abdulrahman Essa Al Ateek, Acting Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Borouge. In addition, Dr. Abdullah Zamzam, EAD’s Assistant Secretary General of Operations, Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of the Environmental Science, Information and Outreach Sector at EAD, as well as directors, deans, coordinators and students. Awards were given in two categories for the Green Campus Audit 2017 to the American University of Sharjah and Manipal University of Dubai and the Sustainable Action Project was awarded to the American University of Sharjah and Manipal University of Dubai. Participation Certificates were also given to all SCI colleges and universities in recognition of their commitment to our vision of a ‘sustainable environment for a sustainable future.

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Green Youth Majlis: A Caring Hand (Ramadan Campagin)

Date : Jun 01, 2017

Following the principles for the “Year of Giving”, over two GYM meetings, GYM members worked on the preparation and execution of their Ramadan campaign – A Caring Hand. Carried out by committed GYM members by renewing and refurbishing one of the old houses located Abu Dhabi. This project focused on using sustainable renewable materials in order to execute the job, it included painting walls, repairing any defects and supplying furniture to the house. Moreover, the project included simple maintenance jobs such as replacing bulbs and isolating exposed electrical wires all done by GYM members. The team worked in renewing rooms, kitchens and the house`s front yard. Furthermore, at the end of the project, just one week before Eid, the team decided to buy gifts for the young children living in the house, the gifts included new clothes, stationary, toys and kitchen appliances. This project has two major outcomes, sustainable renovation of an old house and providing youth with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and perform simple maintenance activities that includes teamwork and learning new skills. Below are two quotes from GYM members who worked on the project: Khaled Alkhoujah, Graduate student, Mechanical Engineering Department, Khalifa University @ PI: “I have never doubted that a small change by a committed and ambitious group of youth will be the new life of others, and A Caring Hand project was another proof of that.” Melad Fahed, Graduate student, Mechanical Engineering Department, Khalifa University @ PI: “Being part of the house renovation project taught me to appreciate the smallest blessings in my life, and it is through giving that we survive and thrive.

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Green Youth Majlis: Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) Workshop

Date : Apr 14, 2017

Students took part in two sessions of the ADMAF workshop for children at the Umm Al Emarat Park, over a two-day period. This workshop arranged in celebration of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s 20th Anniversary. The aim of this workshop was for the children to understand ecosystems. GYM members helped children and assisted them in designing the spaceship, ensuring that they understood the concept that all components of ecosystem are interlinked.

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Mentor Conference: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals (SDG`s) and the Paris Treaty Concerns in Universities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Date : Mar 09, 2017

On 9 March 2017, more than 100 academicians from 20 colleges/universities across the UAE met to commemorate “World Water Day” which takes place annually on 22 March. They examined the steps taken so far by their campuses made steps for setting a future roadmap for mainstreaming the concerns of SDG’s and the Paris Treaty Concerns in Universities and Colleges Campuses of the UAE. As part of the Sustainable Campus Initiative, the Mentor Conference followed on from previous conferences held over the past two years, “Mainstreaming Environment Education in Colleges and Universities” held in 2015 and “Campus Interaction and Dialogue” held in 2016. A discussion held on the ‘Youths role and perspective of the SDGs’ saw 40 students taking part, with six experts having presented papers on their projects related to SDGs and the Paris Treaty Concerns. Both the experts and the youth showed great effort to promote environmental sustainability in collaboration with institutions of higher education in the United Arab Emirates. The conference’s panel discussion on the ‘Role of Higher Education in realising National and Global Sustainable Goals’ was moderated by Mr Derek Gliddon, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, included the following experts: • Dr Nawal Al Hosny, Zayed Future Energy Prize (ZFEP) • Mr Craig Halgreen, Boroughe (Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Ltd) • Ms Ida Tillisch, Emirates Wildlife Society-World Wildlife Fund (EWS-WWF) • Mr AbdulRahman Al Jahoushi, Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) • Dr Fares Howari, Zayed University This year’s event aim was to highlight the important role of colleges and universities in promoting the vision of the Abu Dhabi Environment Vision 2030, aligned with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi 2030 plan. Furthermore to encourage the field of sustainability researches and achieve SDGs.

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The Sustainability Framework

Date : Mar 02, 2017

On the 2nd March 2017 the Ministry of Education circulated the Sustainability Framework for colleges/universities in the UAE to all Higher Education Institutions. This framework is a policy guideline for promoting sustainability, and embed it in the campus, curriculum, community and culture of the college/university through good leadership and management. The policy raises sustainability awareness and promote sound environmentally and ethically responsible behaviors in all academic levels. In addition to that, the policy monitor and manage the resources the university uses and set targets for continuous improvements in use of resources.

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Green Youth Majlis: IRENA Internship Programme

Date : Jan 17, 2017

During the the International Water Summit (IWS), held on 17 January 2017, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) conducted a special session for GYM students at the IWS. The youth got an opportunity to understand the internship opportunities with IRENA and abouttheir world-renowned Programmes.

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The Sustainable Campus Initiative Ceremony 2016

Date : Nov 24, 2016

The Sustainable Campus Initiative Award Ceremony and Exhibition held on 24 November 2016 in the auditorium of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Ltd (Borouge) to award the winning colleges/ universities for Best and Runners-up Green Campus Audit Awards and Sustainability Action Projects. • American University, Ras Al Khaimah – Winner of the Best Green Campus Audit award • Manipal University, Dubai – Winner of the Best Sustainability Action Project award • American University, Sharjah – Second place for the Best Green Campus Audit award • Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi – Second place for the Best Sustainability Action Project award Complementing the award ceremony was an exhibition run in conjunction with the award ceremony displaying the colleges and universities sustainable projects. The UAE University, Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University, American University of Sharjah, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, New York University Abu Dhabi, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi and Manipal University of Dubai with Green Youth Majlis all exhibited their sustainability work and project by presenting posters and films at the exhibition. In addition to that, a short film about Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) played by students during the ceremony to motivate youth to join SCI and learn more about Green Economy"

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Education for Sustainability: International Greening Education Event

Date : Oct 21, 2016

Two educators from American University Sharjah and Manipal University were sent to the Education for Sustainability, International Greening Education Event held in Karlsruhe, Germany from 19th to 21st October 2016 which is a platform for various educationists and stakeholders across the world to exchange, share and discuss translating education for sustainability. They got a chance to share their Green Campus Audits, Sustainability Action Projects and other SCI activities in a presentation, with their global peers, which received positive feedback and was applauded by man. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Bhakti More from Manipal University who attended the conference: “Thanks to EAD for giving me this opportunity to interact with representatives from across 18 countries who attended the event and presented various initiatives. It was inspiring to see university student’s projects which have made a noteworthy contribution to the community and the city.”

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Campus Interaction and Dialogue

Date : Feb 03, 2016

More than 120 academicians from 23 universities across the UAE met on 3rd February 2016 to commemorate the 19th National Environment Day and to discuss sustainability in campuses through an interactive workshop. The expectation from the workshop was to develop a nationwide guideline for embedding sustainability across all campuses in the UAE As a part of the Sustainable Campus Initiative, this workshop was a follow up from the previous one held last year, which had resulted in identifying an urgent need for mainstreaming sustainability across the UAE’s universities and campuses. Through this year’s workshop, an effort was made by the participating university diaspora to translate the need into an action plan. Representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, EAD, ADEC, Borouge, declared their support and commitment for promoting sustainability in universities through their speeches. The key note address was delivered by Professor Arjen Wals, a renowned expert on weaving sustainability in the higher education sector from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The workshop worked around 5 major thrust areas before arriving at the final guideline. These were setting the scope of embedding sustainability in our campuses and identifying capacity building and training needs, assigning roles and responsibilities; embedding sustainability into our campus infrastructure and operations; engaging with communities and integrating sustainability into curricula and promoting research on sustainability. This workshop saw the formation of a unified sustainability policy and a framework for action. Main stakeholders from the universities such as the deans, professors, coordinators and students along with the government entities engaged in meaningful discussions to arrive at the final outcome. The final policy will be ready and officially published soon.

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