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S1 - Ep1: What is Climate Change and How is the UAE Tackling it?
Humaid Abdulla Kanji is an Environmental Economist in Integrated Environment Policy and Planning Sector at the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi. With climate change increasingly impacting our environment, he talks to us about some of the better choices we can make and what is currently happening on the ground as part of the effort to tackle the issue. He also discusses how the challenge of climate change has shifted since the Covid-19 pandemic.
S1 - Ep2: The Value of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Rashed Mohamed Al Zaabi is a Scientist in Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity Sector at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. With protected areas at the core of the fight against climate change, he talks to us about their significance in biodiversity conservation and the ecosystem. He also discusses how we can view biodiversity differently to make it more accessible and “everyday”.
S1 - Ep3: Biodiversity Conservation
Maitha Mohamed Al Hameli is a Section Manager – Marine Assessment and Conservation at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity Sector. With biodiversity playing an essential role in our ecosystem, she talks to us about the present factors that have led to a loss in biodiversity. She also discusses the keys methods used to conserve biodiversity and what that looks like across the UAE.
S1 - Ep4: Ecosystem Conservation
John Burt is an Associate Professor of Biology at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology and Water Research Center at New York University Abu Dhabi. With oceans and seas representing 70% of the Earth’s surface, he talks to us about the expectations for marine ecosystems in the future. He also discusses research being done in Abu Dhabi in the field as well as different ways in which we can live in better harmony with nature in a post-كوفيد - 19 world
S1 - Ep5: Environmental Recovery
Fares Howari is the Dean of Zayed University's College of Natural and Health Sciences. With frequent natural disasters and man-made activities increasingly degrading our environment, he talks to us about ways in which we can engage early on in disaster recovery to restore our environment. He also discusses the importance of environmental education for environmental recovery.
S1 - Ep6: The Importance of Sustainable Companies
Khansa Ibraheem Al Blouki is the Director of Environmental Outreach at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. As the world continues to shift towards sustainability, she talks to us about the different ways we can embed the practice in corporations and institutions. She also discusses cost effective ways to transition towards sustainability and recommendations for youth to adopt in the field.
S1 - Ep7: Sustainable Communities and Daily Actions
Laila Abdullatif is the Director General of the Emirates Nature in association with World Wide Fund for Nature (EN-WWF). With climate change increasingly posing a major threat to humanity, she talks to us about the importance of raising awareness about sustainability from a young age within the educational system. She also discusses how local environmental issues can be brought into the classroom and how sustainability education improves the bottom line.
S1 - Ep8: How Closely are Youth Connected to Environmental Issues?
Muneera Al Shaibah is the Founder of the Green Club at Khalifa University. With a rise in sustainable practices across the globe, she talks to us about how to get out of the excess mentality in a society built on it. We also hear from Aaesha Al Shehyari, UAE Nature Ambassador, who tells us about better alternatives for sustainable products and the impact youth can have in this field on the local community.
S1 - Ep9: Circular Economy
Mona Salem is a Senior Advisor of Priority Programmes and Advisory Support at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. As population growth and economic activities continue to increase the quantities of waste around the world, she talks to us about the impact of landfills on the ecosystem and the significance of waste reduction. She also discusses the Agency’s single use plastic policy and the concept of a circular economy.
S1 - Ep10: The Air We Breathe
Ruqaya Mohamed is the Section Manager of Air Quality, Noise and Climate Change at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. With air pollution affectingan estimated 7 million people worldwide every year, she talks to us about the content of the air we breathe today. She also discusses the human cost of unclean air and how to maintain healthy air quality in tandem with a strong economy.
S2 - EP1: Invasive Species Threat to Biodiversity
Hiba Alshehhi, Director of biodiversity department, Ministry of Climate Change and environment. Talk about a general perspective on the current situation with regard to biodiversity, exploring the issues and what is being done here in the UAE, highlighting potential threats seen to biodiversity by Invasive Alien Species.
S2 - EP2: Conservation of Habitats
Rajeyah Eidha Omar Binkulaib talks about biodiversity conservation to understand and convey rich natural heritage and a variety of unique natural ecosystems in Abu Dhabi emirate. In particular, to highlight that the Emirate’s seas, coast and desert are home to over 3,600 known species, with more being discovered through ongoing research and monitoring. And to understand the steps being taken to conserve the natural habitats for these species.
S2 - EP3: Over Exploitation of Fisheries
Noora Abdulla Albalooshi - Assistant Scientist - Fisheries, Terrestrial & Marine Biodiversity at the environment Agency - Abu Dhabi tells us about the highly interconnected nature of fisheries in the UAE with culture, tradition and nature. Understanding Abu Dhabi's crucial role fisheries management - 72% of the waters of the Arabian Gulf fall within Abu Dhabi's borders. To seek answers on protecting and preserving the local heritage to ensure that there will always be plenty more fish in the sea.
S2 - EP4: Microplastics bioaccumulation by marine organisms
Arabella Willing - Associate Head of Conservation Outreach & Citizen Science - Emirates Nature WWF tells us about the issue of single use plastics in the ocean and how it affects marine biodiversity as well as us all. Offering context on the actual situation – and from the Abu Dhabi Emirate perspective. We will consider what’s being done and what more needs to happen.
S2 - EP5: Preserving marine biodiversity in the UAE
This time we welcome Winston Cowie - Section Manager – Marine Policy-Regulations and Planning, Terrestrial & Marine Biodiversity sector at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi to Naturally Educated as we discuss the importance of dedicating marine protected areas, rehabilitation of coastal and marine habitat in UAE, conserving endangered species, what's being done to combat climate change and we look at how Abu Dhabi is taking the lead to preserve marine biodiversity.
S2 - EP6: Dugong Conservation
The rich seagrass meadows in the waters of the UAE are considered one of the most important habitat for the Dugongs - or Sea Cow. Abu Dhabi Emirate hosts the world's second largest population of dugongs in the world after Australia. Since the year 1999, Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) has long made great efforts to conserve this beautiful, peaceful creature. We welcome Dr. Himansu Sekhar Das the Unit Head -Marine Threatened Species and Habitats at Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi who will tell us more about Dugongs, its importance, and the efforts done by EAD to protect it.
S2 - EP7: How Does Biomimicry help recover the environment?
How can derive from nature to help conserve it? How can we use the lessons that nature provides to re-connect with our environment? To answer this, we're unravelling Biomimicry, the concept, and practice, that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges. Our guest for this episode is plant specialist, flora macro photographer and bio-mimicry enthusiast, Dana Al Dhaen. Dana is a graduate in Environmental Science, is an Environmental Ambassador for the Environment Agency, a Green Youth Majlis member and Leaders of Change member at Emirates Nature WWF.
S2 - EP8: UAE corals in light of changing climate - “Coral bleaching”
Historically the UAE is a proud sea-faring nation, and the aim of this episode of Naturally Educated is simple. To understand how important coral reefs are to us All and to convey just how important it is to protect coral in the Arabian Gulf is considered of paramount importance. Our guest Hamad Al Jailani is an assistant scientist in Marine Habitats at the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and he's just back from the latest survey of Abu Dhabi's corals...with some good news!
S2 - EP9: Restoring marine ecosystems – corals and mangroves innovative restoration solutions
In Abu Dhabi mangroves are classified as one of the most critical marine habitats. However, at a time when globally mangroves are declining at an alarming rate, a representative sample of the forest structure of Mangroves in Abu Dhabi, indicates a majority of healthy trees across the coastline. This time on Naturally Educated we discuss why mangroves are SO important, the threats they face and highlight the steps the government is taking to address and correct the issues. We'll also be discussing with our guest more about the importance of corals with our guest, Total Energies' biodiversity and environmental genomics R and D leader, Thomas Merzi.
S2 - EP10: Nature positive 2030? A global goal for nature...
Back in September 2020 65 world leaders came together to endorse the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 for sustainable development. In November 2021, following the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, announced the endorsement of the Leader's Pledge. And in January 2022, the UAE Cabinet formalised the endorsement, agreeing that the country would join the Leaders' Pledge for Nature, an international effort to boost the green agenda. Our final guest of this season of Naturally Educated is Total Energies' Corporate Biodiversity Expert, Steven Dickinson - he tells us what being Nature Positive 2030 means.
S3 - EP1: A Journey through Climate Change Policy
To kick off Season three of Naturally Educated Podcast we speak to Omar Al Braiki - Head of Negotiations, Office of the UAE special envoy for climate change. We discuss UAE climate policy and, as the UAE prepares to host COP28 in November 2023, how the UAE is contributing to the world’s global climate goals.
S3 – EP2: Consequences of Single Use Material on Waste Accumulation, Climate Change and Pollution
This time on Naturally Educated Podcast we’re welcoming two guests. Monir Salem Bou Ghanem is the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi’s Policy Advisor and Mariam Al Meraikhi - Strategic Digital Manager Sustainability . We explore the issue of single use plastic, the priorities of "Mission To Zero" campaign and how to heighten public awareness.
S3 – EP3: Ex-Situ Conservation in Restoring Extinct Species
In this episode we speak to Hessa Al Qahtani, Unit Head - Conservation Programs, Al Ain Zoo. We define and understand the importance of ex-situ conservation, its relevance to us ALL, its contribution to biodiversity equilibrium and highlight UAE’s successes in bringing species back from the brink.
S3 – EP4: Mangroves on the Frontline: Their Critical Role in the Climate Crisis
In the UAE, mangroves are deeply embedded in the local traditions and culture. Historically, they provided building material; they act as a natural habitat and home for marine and terrestrial wildlife; and, they protect coastal areas. Amna Khalifa Al Mansoori - Assistant Scientist, Marine Habitats, Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity from Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, joins us to explain why they’re so special and why mangroves are one of nature's frontline soldiers in the fight against climate change.
S3 – EP5: Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Cities
This time we welcome Chris Wan to Naturally Educated. In his day job he's Associate Director, Sustainability and CSR, Masdar City and he’s passionate about putting people first and encouraging a sustainable mindset. In this episode we look to the future and ask how we create and build the sustainable cities - and communities - of the future.
S3 – EP6: Exploring Protected Areas and Their Role in Protecting Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity
Ashraf Al Cibahy - Section Head - Marine Protected Area Management, Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity introduce protected areas and what role does protected areas do to conserve nature? Ashraf touches upon the fundamental ways of managing protected area, its threats, and its role as tourism sites.
S3 – EP7: Companies Efforts to Tackle Climate Change
Saeed Al Adawi - Senior Manager - KEZAD HSE, KEZAD Group shares the importance of adopting green practices, achieving environmental goals. Emphasising the need to cut down and reserve natural resources, shedding light on topics like circular Economy, recycling and being part of organizational awareness programmes like Green business Network.
S3 – EP8: Mitigating Climate Issues Through Environmental Inspections and Impact Assessments
This episode 'lifts the lid' on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes and procedures. Why is an EIA needed, when, and for what types of projects? Our guest expert in this episode Abdulrahman Ahmed Qaderi is a Civil Engineer and Environmental Enforcement Officer at EAD. He's here to help us to understand Environmental Inspections and Impact Assessment and to consider how EIA's help to mitigate climate issues.
S3 – EP9: The Linkage between Food Waste Management and Climate Change
It’s estimated that a third of the food we produce is thrown away! But why are we wasting time, energy and money producing food if we’re not going to eat? Add to that the fact that millions of people across the globe don’t have enough food to eat and the argument for NOT wasting food becomes a compelling one. Lara Hussein, passionate composter, and co-founder of The Waste Lab, joins us to explore why food waste and climate change go hand-in-hand.
S3 - EP10: Expanding Environmental Knowledge to previous, current and future generations
Finally, this season is concluded with environmental education and knowledge - how environmentally aware are we? This time, we trek high in the Himalayas to talk to our guest, the UN Environment Programme’s environmental education consultant, Gayatri Raghwa. We examine how to mainstream environmental knowledge so that it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 and to ask: “Is the message getting through?”