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About us

Youth are the main change agents in any society. They are a great asset to a Nation. In the United Arab Emirates, youth placed at the higher portals of learning are strategically positioned to promote innovation and research especially with the country’s commitment towards promoting green growth and Sustainable Development.

The Sustainable Campus Initiative launched by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and sponsored by Borouge, aims to strengthen and build leadership capacity among youth, to address issues of environmental sustainability and be the main change agents in the country in working towards and shaping sustainable communities.

Who can participate?

  • Youth between ages 18-35 years 
  • Colleges and universities in the United Arab Emirates

Main Components:

  • Green Campus Audit (GCA)
  • Sustainability Action Project (SAP)
  • Green Youth Majlis (GYM)

The Main Objectives are :

  • Mobilise youth in college and university campuses and youth associations to address issues of sustainability by reducing their footprint and increasing their handprint, this is, actions towards sustainability.

  • Network the Emirates youth locally, regionally and internationally with similar youth networks to learn and share from best practices that support the establishment of environmental teams in colleges and universities, network and empower the teams to be the agents of change in the community to promote sustainability.

  • Create opportunities for youth educators and mentors to enhance and share their learning through conferences, events and workshops.

  • Engage youth participation in environmental activities by providing them with volunteering opportunities.

  • Promote youth participation for advocacy in sustainable development.